Jason Goodwin is a novelist, historian and traveller, winner of the JLR/Mail on Sunday Prize for On Foot to the Golden Horn, and of the Edgar Award for Best Novel his first Yashim mystery, The Janissary Tree.

Yashim’s Istanbul Cook Book is coming soon! 

Jason’s books include: The Gunpowder Gardens: Travels in China and India in Search of Tea; On Foot to the Golden Horn: AWalk to Istanbul; Greenback: The Almighty Dollar and the Invention of America;and Lords of the Horizons: A History of the Ottoman Empire.

The Janissary Tree became an international bestseller. The fifth book in the series, The Baklava Club, is out now in the US and the UK. Jason’s books are translated into over forty languages.

Gunpowder GardensTravel

Lords of the HorizonsHistory

The Janissary TreeFiction


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